ACQUISITIONS INC. Announces Its Newest Business Venture: A D&D DUNGEON MANUAL

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At PAX South 2019, Penny Arcade announced an exciting gaming development that’s never been done before: an official third-party collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast! Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual, coming this summer to your friendly local gaming store, will offer the chance to open your own franchise of the artifact-hunting company in your own campaign.

Producer Elyssa Grant and Penny Arcade co-creator Jerry Holkins (AKA Omin Dran, Cleric and CEO of Acquisitions Inc.), are both excited about the partnership with Wizards of the Coast, they tell Geek & Sundry.

“I think the main thing I’m excited about is being in a position to add, in an official capacity, to a game I’ve been playing my whole life,” Jerry says. “It’s an honor to think that Acquisitions Incorporated got pulled up to the Big Leagues in a way that will allow it to be somebody’s introduction to Dungeons and Dragons.”


Elyssa also appreciates the chance to be a part of someone’s first D&D experience. “Over the past ten years we have heard from countless people who started playing D&D because of the Acquisitions Incorporated shows and podcasts. It’s a privilege to work in partnership with Wizards of the Coast in order to bring playable Acquisitions Incorporated content to life at the table.

“This book legitimizes, expands, and unifies two worlds – D&D and Acquisitions Incorporated – that players have come to love.”

The Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual will have something for everyone, Jerry promises. “[It’s] just a cool book in general full of cool art, strange characters, and weird goings-on that demand to be inserted into home campaigns,” he says.


There’s not a lot that Elyssa and Jerry can reveal about the content quite yet. “We are confident that players will enjoy all of the new elements that can be incorporated into a campaign,” says Elyssa.

Jerry teases just a little more about what we can expect in the book. “It’s much more focused on personalities and the mysteries of the organization. We do feature a number of strange new items that go along with your role in the company, though I probably shouldn’t say much more than that.”

He also hopes the Dungeon Manual can help those new player jitters that so many feel when rolling a character for the first time. “One of the things Acquisitions Incorporated offers is an idea about how to play D&D that I think is very helpful for new players – it’s like, ‘Oh, this is like a job? I get that,'” he says. “So my hope is that it ends up being used as a tool to ease players into what might otherwise be a kind of spooky new situation with a lot of expectations around it.”

Stay tuned to Geek & Sundry and the Wizards of the Coast social media for more news and information about the upcoming book.

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