Accessories For Literature Lovers Look Like Real Books

Ever head to the library or bookstore and look through the spines just to see the book covers of your favorite reads? Nothing beats a good book, and carrying around your favorite tome can make you feel like you’re always with your best friend. Book covers jog childhood memories and remind you of your favorite stories, so Chick-Lit Designs created accessories for phones and tablets: specialty cases made to look just like classic pieces of literature. Whether it’s Little Women or Great Expectations, these cute handmade covers not only protect your phone but resemble some of the most memorable collections of written words in history.

Books within film are also represented, like Beetlejuice’s “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased” and “Advanced Potion Making” from Harry Potter. Carrying around that cover would definitely make you stand out from the rest of the Muggles.

If you’d rather show off your book pride with more vigor, there are also messenger bags available. I assume you can fill the book-resembling bag with even more books, to your heart’s content. Made from PU leather, these bags are large and are truly made to show off your love of reading.

Chick-Lit Designs runs a great Instagram account perfect for book-lovers. They’re filled with beautifully colorful posts that show off a love of reading, travel, and living adventurously just like your favorite book.

For more information on these fanciful book accessories, check out Chick-Lit Designs on etsy and @chicklitdesigns on instagram.

And if you love books as much as we do, be sure to watch our weekly live Alpha Book Club where Rachel Heine, Hector Navarro, and Maude Garrett, give their choice insights on the chosen book of the month!

Which book accessory would you take with you on your daily adventures? Let us know in the comments and show us your favorite books by tagging @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on Instagram!

Images: Chick-Lit Designs

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