You Can Now Own a Replica of the Creepy Hand From TALK TO ME

A24 has released several iconic scary movies over the past few years. Films like Hereditary have cemented the studio’s reputation as a high-quality house of horrors. And A24 had another sleeper horror hit this summer with Talk to Me. As a way of celebrating Talk to Me’s digital release, A24 has released a life-size ceramic replica of the evil “Party Hand” from the film that you can buy. Talk to Me‘s for-sale hand is actually a smoking device or an incense burner. But absolutely nothing is stopping any fans from just displaying this hand as a piece of creepy art. And, who knows, it could be a portal to the spirit world. You can check out images of the Talk to Me hand in our gallery down below:

In Talk to Me, the movie reveals that the mysterious prop is the severed, embalmed hand of a powerful deceased medium. The characters in the film then use it to summon up spirits. The idea is that someone holds the hand and speaks the words “talk to me” out loud. Thus, inviting in whatever entity from beyond the grave that heeds your call. After someone says the words on Talk to Me, the participant lets go of the hand. This allows for the spirit to enter inside of them. In the film, they equate it to getting high off drugs. Hence the entire thing becoming a party game for bored youth. As you can imagine, all kinds of hideous chaos ensues.

The Talk to Me party hand replica and its box from A24.

A24’s already sold out of their first production run of the ceramic Talk to Me “Party Hand.” But more are going to be produced in the near future, so you can pre-order now for the price of $110.00. The estimated shipping for this purchasable Talk to Me hand is in late December. However, A24 does not guarantee a holiday delivery. Talk to Me is already out on digital but will be hitting Blu-ray on October 3.

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