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A24’s Terrifying TALK TO ME Trailer Grabs You and Refuses to Let Go

There’s nothing that says “horror” more than a creepy object that ends up being a portal to something sinister. It is always a good idea to leave that weird book, suspicious puzzle box, old relic, strange doll, etc., the hell alone. It is never, ever worth your soul to satisfy your curiosity. The characters in A24’s upcoming thriller Talk to Me obviously don’t know this, based on what we see in its first trailer


We meet a young woman (Sophia Wilde) who lost her mom. She gets together with friends, and they decide to have her connect with an embalmed hand in a ritual that will open and close spiritual doors with the command, “Talk to me.” She says it and discovers that the hand allows her to see on the other side, where her mom is trying to reach out.

Well, at least she thinks it is her mom. The figures she keeps seeing in the Talk to Me trailer look far from the norm. Apparently, she didn’t quite close that open door, and her life quickly takes a downward spiral. Supernatural forces unleash themselves for what looks like quite the harrowing adventure. What is the deal with that hand? How will they close this portal? So many questions that need answers.

Talk to me Trailer creepy eyes

The Talk to Me trailer certainly grabs hold of you and refuses to let go. The film will hit theaters on July 28.

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