A Swarm of Air Mattresses Overran a Denver Neighborhood

Taking in an outdoor movie remains one of the great pleasures of summer. There’s a beautiful serenity to watching a film under the warm night sky, and while drive-ins are mostly a thing of the past, there are still ample opportunities in communities around the country to catch a flick while you enjoy a picnic basket of homemade goodies on your very own blanket laid out on the grass. Sometimes you can even bring an air mattress if you want to be extra comfortable, just so long as you make sure you safely secure yours to the ground. And also make sure everyone else in attendance secures theirs too, because as a Denver neighborhood found out, there’s a fine line—a fine, freaking hilarious line—between an al fresco cinematic experience and a mass migration of mattresses.

I realize the reference I am about to make is impossibly nerdy and only the most diehard fans of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know what the hell I am talking about, but we will never get closer to visiting the Sqornshellous system than watching this video.

YouTube user Robb Manes shot this ridiculous scene while poolside in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood. He started filming after an air mattress randomly flew into the fenced-in area. The mattress was then followed by another…and then another, and before anyone knew it, there was an invasion of portable beds tumbling along the path. Turns out a nearby “Movie Night Under The Stars” event (where we we guess they were showing Gone With the Wind) was hit by a storm with strong gusts and an amazing sense of humor. Fortunately there were no reports of serious injuries to humans or linen alike.

And while this seems like the dumbest/best horror film premise to ever come to life, it’s also the best outdoor movie experience we’ve ever had, even if we watched it indoors.

Featured Image: Robb Manes

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