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Who hasn’t wanted to be in the Star Wars universe at some point in their lives? I know I do… sometimes a bit too much. Anyway, our editor-in-chief found this Star Wars name generator and thought it might be fun to play around with it. And write an article about it. Because that’s what you do when geeks are allowed to run a website.

Image credit: ootinicast.com

Writer’s note: “Mandalorian” is not a race. It’s a multi-species clan that adheres to a set of war culture tenants. Much like the Sith, the Mandalorians started as a race known as Tuangs. When they died out, the culture lived on. But I digress…

Let’s try this out, shall we? My name is Courtney Kraft, and my birthday is December 29th. According to this generator, I would be: Kraco, Hutt Scavenger. A Hutt? Really? Fine.

Image credit: cheezburger.com

So what about some of the other Geek & Sundry crew?

  • Felicia Day: Dayfe, Human Scavenger
  • Ryon Day: Dayry, Gungan Scavenger
  • Wil Wheaton: Whewi, Gungan Scavenger
  • Matthew Mercer: Merma, Human Scavenger

What’s your Star Wars name and occupation?  Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win an R2-C4 figure from Kotobukiya!

Feature image credit: Scott Winn

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