A Gigantic Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue Has Suddenly Appeared in London

If there’s anything we’ve learned since the Thor: Ragnarok press tour last year, it’s that Jeff Goldblum is a bright, shining beacon of hope and hilarity in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours.

And why not commemorate that, along with the 25th anniversary of the theatrical release of Jurassic Park, with a massive statue depicting Ian Malcolm in his most meme-able pose?

Thanks to NOW TV, that’s what any Londoner or tourist was lucky enough to see today as they strolled along the Thames near the Tower Bridge.
A Gigantic Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue Has Suddenly Appeared in London_1

(In this moment, we are all Dr. Alan Grant.)

As soon as passersby took in the sight and shared the poses they struck with 25-foot, 331-pound Jurassic Jeff (that’s the frankly ingenious hashtag attached to the statue), tweets with all the requisite Jurassic Park jokes began flying fast and furiously.

(Well, okay, one requisite Jurassic Park joke in particular, but at least it’s the best possible one.)

Jurassic Jeff will only stick around until tomorrow evening. There’s no word yet on whether this bad boy will travel the world, occupy the hallowed halls of the Museum of Modern Art, go up for auction, or simply be lost to the sands of time, not unlike the velociraptors that inspired Malcolm to go semi-shirtless in the first place. Let’s all hope for the auction option.

If Jurassic Jeff made it to your neck of the woods, how would you celebrate? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Universal Pictures

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