A Fan Edited BREAKING BAD into a Two-Hour Movie

Believe it or not, there are people in this world who have never watched Breaking Bad. The show’s been over for a few years now, but the fact remains that it is essential viewing and one of the greatest TV dramas to ever broadcast. Still, the entire series is 46 hours long, so asking somebody to sit through all that at this point, especially since the mania-levels of hype have died down from when it was still on the air, is a lot. For those people, a fan took all 46 hours of the show and edited it down into a 2-hour movie that mostly recaptures the magic of the series ( via For The Win).

Despite 44 hours of the show being unaccounted for in this fan edit, the resulting film still does a nice job at touching on the main points of the series, mainly the transformation from the importance of Walt’s family to his nefarious activities to him making meth simply because he enjoys it. Most of the main plot points are accounted for, but in our opinion, there are enough of them not included that this movie isn’t a replacement for the show. For instance (SPOILERS), we don’t see Gus Fring get half of his face blown off in the nursing home, and there’s absolutely no mention of Tuco Salamanca, Walt’s first major adversary who played a huge role in Walt shaking off his rookie drug dealer nerves.

That’s not the video editor’s fault, since the series was so nuanced and carefully calculated that including everything in a two-hour window is impossible. Still, this is probably the best attempt at it we’ll ever see, and for fans who have already seen the show, it serves as a fine refresher, especially if you haven’t re-watched the series in a few years.

Featured image: AMC

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