8 Times Michael B. Jordan Geeked Out Over Anime

In case you don’t get good WiFi underneath that rock where you’ve been living, Michael B. Jordan really, really loves anime. Yup, Killmonger himself apparently loves nothing more than kicking back with some Pocky and watching rad Japanese animation. Over the last week since the release of Black Panther, fans have discovered the superstar thespian’s penchant for all things anime and manga, and it’s basically broken the internet—who doesn’t love finding out your favorite actor shares your passions for  Naruto and Bleach? (And we mean it when we say that Michael B. Jordan really, really loves Naruto and Bleach.) Think we’re exaggerating? Take a look at these eight times that Michael B. Jordan geeked out over anime on the internet!

We begin our story all the way back in 2011, when Jordan was doing the lord’s work, checking in to find out when he and his fellow anime fans would be able to catch up on their favorite shows.

A year and a half later, apparently, he finally got to watch these series’ much anticipated new episodes. And Jordan had some very strong feelings about just who should be fighting who in Naruto!

We’re 100% for Michael B. Jordan’s second career as a regular Naruto viewer. We feel your pain, man. Chapter 617 is an emotional rollercoaster.

2013 was seemingly a landmark year for Michael B. Jordan’s anime viewing.  So if you’ve ever wondered what the Human Torch thought of that episode of Naruto episode (you know the one), here’s a clue…

You may well have seen a picture floating around of Jordan holding a board with the word “Anime” scrawled out and the word “Women” written in its place. Well, you can enjoy the full wonder of that moment from an interview on the press tour for 2014’s That Awkward Moment.

Sadly, Jordan largely turned his attention toward his own work for the next few years, but he’s never truly forgotten his first love.

In fact, it seems like Jordan’s anime obsession is coming back to the forefront in a big way. He was at it again on Twitter just this week, defending his honor, height, and love for anime.

And when a disappointed fan claimed his love for the classics meant that he wasn’t into that deep-cut anime, Jordan had an answer for that too… because of course he did.

We already wanted to be Michael B. Jordan’s best bud, but now we think he’s even cooler! Are you a massive anime fan? Have a favorite that you’d recommend to Michael if you got the chance? Just want to know what his favorite episode of Naruto is? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Disney/Marvel

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