5 Things You Need To Know Before Playing World of Final Fantasy

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World of Final Fantasy is upon us, and you can pick it up on a store shelf near you. And you’ll definitely want to, considering everything it offers for both Final Fantasy fans and those with an affinity for the Pokémon series. It’s definitely one of the most stark departures from the norm the Final Fantasy franchise has ever taken, but that’s exactly what makes it so much fun.

It might be a little difficult to discern what you actually do in the game, however, since it’s gotten little or no mainstream advertisement and the trailers that are available online don’t exactly communicate the nature of the game itself. You’ll almost certainly love it if you enjoy Final Fantasy lore or Pokémon, but in case you need help making a purchasing decision, here are five things you should know before playing World of Final Fantasy.

It’s Basically Pokémon, In All Actuality

The main task you’re given in World of Final Fantasy is to collect beings known as “Mirages.” Without spoiling too much, you were previously masters of these creatures and commanded a veritable army of them. They’re essentially smaller versions of Final Fantasy enemies and characters, like miniature Tonberries or chocobos, and you can “capture” them during battle to befriend them.

You’ll use items called “prismariums” to do so, but only after whittling some of their health down or reaching a state where they’re vulnerable to being captured. From there you can carry a select few with you as you travel and you can swap them out at a later time. You can even watch them evolve into more powerful forms. Sound familiar? The core gameplay is basically identical to Pokémon, if you haven’t gotten that already, from the main structure of the game to the adorable creatures you befriend who aid you in battle.

It’s A Nostalgic Love Letter to Final Fantasy Fans

Do you get choked up at the thought of listening to the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack? Do you have a carefully curated collection of Final Fantasy action figures? Can you name all of the summons throughout the different games? You’ll absolutely love World of Final Fantasy. From the villages you discover to the characters you interact with, the game is positively teeming with references to the entire Final Fantasy mythos. There are Easter Eggs hardcore fans can appreciate as well as simple references any casual fan will get as well. It’s a carefully written love letter to anyone who’s invested in the series since its inception, and you’ll get that from the moment you boot up the game. This is the game fans have been waiting for.

You’ll Need To Strategize If You Don’t Want to Die Over and Over Again

As adorable World of Final Fantasy may be, it can also be extremely difficult. There’s a stacking mechanic that comes into play where you can place your Mirages on top of your characters or vice versa, and this is often the key to performing well or absolutely terribly in battles. Stacking your Mirages can add HP to your characters, special abilities, and more. You’re infinitely more powerful with Mirages on top of you and below you. So if you don’t spend any time figuring out a strategy that works best for you, you’ll find yourself losing battles left and right. Even when you do know what you’re doing it’s still a challenging game. It’s a refreshing sort of challenging, however, so you’ll still have fun.

Cross-Save Lets You Play At Home or On The Go With PlayStation Vita

World of Final Fantasy is available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and it supports the Cross-Save feature. This means that your save files are uploaded to the cloud so you can leave your home after a PlayStation 4 session, grab your Vita on the way out the door, and pick up where you left off while playing on your work commute or at a friend’s house. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support Cross-Buy, so you’ll have to purchase both versions separately if you’re interested in that kind of portability. Given its many similarities to Pokémon, it’s a great candidate for play on the go since it’s very conducive to enjoying for small chunks of time.

If You’re Expecting A Serious Final Fantasy, You’ll Be Disappointed

World of Final Fantasy is like Pokémon, it’s challenging, and it’s awesome for fans of the series. What it isn’t, however, is serious business. There’s silliness going on from the moment you start the game, and it permeates nearly every scene. From Lann’s constant stream of stupid questions and exclamations to the bizarre way that their constant companion Tama speaks. It’s a lighthearted romp that belies its more difficult side. You won’t find angsty Final Fantasy characters here except for adorable versions of Cloud and Squall and others, and while it can have its darker moments it’s still a fun, silly adventure rife with strikingly cute characters.

What part of World of Final Fantasy are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image credit: Square Enix

Image Credits: Square Enix

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