5 Reasons Why CASTLEVANIA Is Worth Watching ASAP

The wait for Castlevania season three is almost over! It’s been over a year since the video game series turned animated series released new episodes and fans are beyond ready to see how this vengeful tale will progress. Season two left monster hunter Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Dracula’s son Alucard in transitional places, completely unaware that their battle to save Wallachia from Dracula’s rage over injustice is far from over.

There are also probably a ton of curious Netflix watchers who want to know why this show is being hyped up on social media and if it’s really worth adding to their already too-long lists. The short answer is “yes, you should watch Castlevania immediately.” It has everything you love about shows like Game of Thrones and The Witcher wrapped up in the intense, gory action of a dark anime.

Here are some other reasons you want to catch up on Castlevania before season three drops on March 5.


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No Previous Experience Is Necessary

It’s not a bad thing to be familiar with the Castlevania video games, which have been around since the late ’80s. But viewers who have no clue about the games and its characters can easily grasp and understand this world.

The general premise is simple—humans killed Dracula’s human wife, he’s angry and wants to kill all humans, and there’s a fearless trio who wants to stop this from happening. All of the action takes place in various cities across Wallachia which, according to Britannica.com, is a real-life geographical region in Romania.

It’s an Easy (and entertaining) Marathon Watch

It would be hard to catch up on shows like The Walking Dead and Doctor Who because there are so many seasons and hours of material. But Castlevania’s entire run so far is a little less than five hours over a span of twelve episodes. So you could take a lazy Saturday or stay up late one night and dive into this bloody world of vampires, monsters, and magic.

Castlevania Trevor Belmont

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Trevor Belmont And Geralt of Rivia are Similar

Witcher fans will love Castlevania’s primary protagonist Trevor Belmont because there can never be enough loner monster hunters. The pair would certainly have a ton of fun in a verbal spar or trying to avoid stupidity whilst knocking back some brew. Like Geralt, Trevor is a monster hunter with a penchant for combat, drinking, and saying all sorts of colorful curse words. He feigns indifference but he’s definitely not void of emotional intelligence. The Belmont bloodline is full of wisdom and magic—a legacy that led to them being misunderstood and therefore grossly mistreated similar to Witchers. And, Trevor may not have a bard singing at his side but he is accompanied by two people with powers that are clutch in a crisis.

The Fight Scenes Are Phenomenal

Castlevania’s dialogue and world-building are both engaging but the action is also solid. Every battle is pretty epic, whether it’s a one-on-one fight between Trevor and someone in his way or antagonists laying waste to Wallachia. Season two really ramps up the action as the world expands through Trevor, Sypha, Alucard, and Dracula’s reflections of the past and future plans. It’s like being dropped into the middle of a video game and watching it all go down.

Castlevania Trevor Alucard

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Sypha, Alucard, and Camille Will Capture Your Heart

Trevor isn’t the only character worth watching. All of the main characters on Castlevania are well-developed with solid motivations but these three really stand out. The way that Sypha’s abilities are introduced and showcased throughout the first two seasons is phenomenal. She’s a creative, ingenious force (and fan favorite) who makes just as much of an impact as her male counterparts.

Alucard’s internal conflict as a half-vampire, half-human and the fallout of his decisions put him in a powerful yet isolated spot by the end of season two. And Camille is simply fantastic from the moment she makes her appearance. There’s a lot of love (and maybe hate) about them and so much to explore in Castlevania season three.

Anyone who loves bloody monster hunting, magical mages, vampires, and an expansive, fictional world filled with compelling characters will want to give Castlevania a try. There’s really nothing to lose outside of a few hours and a lot to gain by joining yet another hype fandom. Get ready for Hell to make chaos on Earth.

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