5 More Pawesome Cat Games For Your Purr-sonal Collection

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If you thought our first list of kitty-themed games was pre-paws-terous because it was missing one of your favorite games, don’t fur-et! Here are even more cat-themed games for your purr-sonal game collection.

These five picks include some of the most popular kitty-themed games on store shelves, and all of them are filled with fluffy, silly, and paws-itively adorable kitties. And don’t worry: We didn’t fur-get the cat puns.

Cat Tower

This dexterity game comes in one of the most adorable boxes you’ll find on game store shelves. The papercraft cats want to reach a fish that is just too high up, so players use the kitty tiles to build a tower as high as paw-ssible before it topples.

Each player has seven adorable kitty tiles. A roll of the dice determines which tile is the next one to be placed on the meow-tain on the table. Do you have steady enough paws to stack the cats without knocking over the tower?

2-6 Players, Ages 6+

Exploding Kittens

Chances are you’ve heard of Exploding Kittens, the most-funded game in Kickstarter history. All it takes is just a deck of hiss-terically illustrated cards to begin the fun.

Players take turns drawing a card from the pile. If the card is an Exploding Kitten, the player has a chance to avoid cat-tastrophe by playing another card to counter it. It might be a chance to defuse it with a laser pointer or kitty therapy, or an attack or defensive card that passes it to another player or places it back in the deck.

Imploding Kittens, a new expansion now available for the game, contains 20 new cards and expands the deck so that up to 6 players can join in the combustible fun.

2-5 Players, Ages 7+

Hot Tin Roof

The alley cats on the city rooftops all want to be Top Cat, and it’s up to the players to make that dream come true in this route-building game.

On each turn, players add five food tokens to piles as an ante, and then choose a rooftop, catwalk, or shelter. Once those tiles are placed on the board to connect the rooftops, players prowl over to their furry fur-ends (their other cat game pieces) to earn a sardine. When all the sardines are distributed to the alley cats, the game is over, and the cool cat with the most sardines wins.

3-4 Players, Ages 10+


The purr-fectly adorable artwork on the cards of Tem-purr-a makes this game stand out. Players place one of the numbered cards on the table, and other players match that number with the cards in their hands. Players can throw out a pair of matching cards, starting the pile over, or use an action card to change the turn order or add more cards to the pile.

If an un-fur-tunate player doesn’t have a card to play, they “eat” the delicious dishes and take a number of cards into their own hand. Drawing an indigestion card ends the round and earns a token; three of those tokens and the player is out of the game.

3-7 Players, Ages 8+

You Gotta Be Kitten Me

This new bluffing card game from Stone Blade Entertainment features gussied-up critters in aww-inspiring photos. Players must guess how many accessories–glasses, hats, and bow ties in different colors–the cute kitties and other animals are donning in every players’ hands combined.

Similar to Liar’s Dice, on each turn, players raise the bid on the amount of adorable accessories in play, such as “there are 11 green accessories” or “there are 7 hats.” Finally, when one player feels the bids are incorrect, they call with, “You gotta be kitten me!” If the player who called out the other player’s bid is wrong, they lose a card in their hand. The last player with cards remaining wins.

2-10 Players, Ages 10+

Did we leave off your favorite kitty-themed game? Help us meowt by sharing it in the comments!

Featured Image: Stone Blade Entertainment

Other Images: IDW Games, Exploding Kittens, Mayfair Games, iello games, Stone Blade Entertainment

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