5 Free Games to Play When You’re Stuck at Home

Whether it’s a sick day or a snow day or just a generally dull day keeping you stuck inside, the good news is that there’s no better time to catch up on your video game playing. But if you’re bored on a budget, don’t worry! We’ve got a list of games you can get started playing immediately without trying to remember the last place you left your wallet.

From darling indie games to AAA shooters, there’s something in this list for every kind of gamer.

A Short Hike
A Short Hike

Epic / Adam Robinson-Yu

We’ve told you about the charming indie game A Short Hike before, and it’s now free for a limited time! The premise is simple. Just reach the mountain top using your wits and wings. Along the way to the summit you’ll meet other hikers and colorful characters, and maybe even find a treasure or two. Once you step into Hawk Peak Provincial Park you’ll be delighted by its pixelated world and find that you’re not in any rush to leave it.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Key Art


A AAA first-person shooter might not sound like a game you can jump into for free, but Bungie made it happen for Destiny 2. The solar system is yours to explore as you defend the human race and navigate the cinematic story. You can also play online with friends in Co-Op and player vs. player modes, collect gear, or adventure on your own through the story mode—you’re free to venture into the stars your way.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

“I’m going to learn how to play Magic one day,” you’ve been telling yourself for years. Guess what? Today is that day. With Magic: The Gathering Arena you won’t need to buy packs of cards or hire an instructor for the world’s most complex game. Just download and start playing the tutorial, and you’re well on your way to finally knowing your way around the playmat.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a training montage to get pumped up to learn how to play the competitive card game, ’80s-style. (It even has Carl Weathers, come on, how are you not already creating an account?)

Night in the Storm
Night in the Storm

Night in the Storm

This is the epitome of a short and sweet game but with just the right amount of suspense to keep you engaged. Night in the Storm puts Vera, a cute but frazzled lighthouse keeper, in your hands on a particularly dark and stormy night. You must keep the lighthouse beacon for the duration of the night to make sure the rocks below don’t claim the lives of any sailors on ships on the dark waters. Keep the engine and generators working, replace lightbulbs, and do it quickly!


Victoria Smith

Take photos of adorable pixelated birbs. That’s it, that’s the entire pitch. Toripon, a free game for Windows PC, aims to brighten your day and give you a happy experience on the internet with a fictional social network for sharing pics of birds. (Can that be a real thing, please?)

Do you have another favorite free game? Share it in the comments.

Featured Image: Destiny 2 / Bungie

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