5 Fantasy Shorts to Inspire Your Own Story

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Have you ever wanted to write a fantasy novel?

Writing a story can be a challenge, especially fantasy. To create a rich, vibrant fantasy story, you need to not only create great characters, locations, and plots, but you also have to craft entire worlds with rules about how things work like magic or monsters. If you’re having trouble and need a little inspiration to kick-start your imagination we’ve found a few fantasy shorts that are sure to get you in the writing mood.

Night Light

The creator, Qing Han, manages to capture a lot of story in this 1 minute short. It leaves you wondering about this girl’s amazing powers. Is she a god? Or is she just the kind of character who legends are written about?

Wildlings Within

Wildlings Within is in-line with your more typical fantasy stories of humans vs. orcs, but sometimes friendship can span cultural and racial barriers. Sachi Ediriweera shows us how to take old stories and make them new again through his less typical cast and costuming, to the bond formed between enemies.

The Alchemist’s Letter

Crafting a story that evokes strong emotion in your reader can ensure they get invested in your work. This short by Carlos Stevens really gets us in the feels and makes you cringe as the narrator makes choice after choice that leads to his own destruction.

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

House Special’s A Tale of Momentum & Inertia is a great look at capturing character in just a few moments. That moment of panic on his face as he realizes he forgot to put the rock parking brake on is so human.

The Reward

The Animation Workshop has combined all of the elements we mentioned above to craft a truly epic story full of adventure, fantastic art, and a little bit of a morals.

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 Featured Image Credit: Animation Workshop

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