5 Board Games We’re Excited to See at Gen Con

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It’s that time again for hordes of gamers to descend on Indianapolis. That’s right, it’s Gen Con time! And in a grand tradition, a legion of games are being released and demoed at the convention. With it being the 50th Gen Con, badges are sold out and the list of games tops over 500. Here are my top five games that I can’t wait to demo and get my hands on.

Cutthroat Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Aurum is up for grabs. It’s an all out brawl to become the leader. You are a lord or lady from one of the six great houses trying to wield your influence, armies, and assassins on your way to the throne. One small thing, you also have to contend with a plague.

Why I’m excited: This sounds like Game of Thones. Political backstabbing, alliances, poisoning, and a plague. Plus military planning, strategic use of your wealth, and the possibility of table talk and negotiating with the other players.


You are a muse trying to inspire your human to great heights of creativity and influence. You do this by eliminating the competition with doubts and dread. Every turn you are placing doubts or dreads on someone in the hopes of driving them insane, while keeping your virtuoso alive and sane. Don’t worry if they go insane, you still have a chance to win.

Why I’m excited: Three words: Shameless table talk. I get to make people go insane. There are many layers of strategy and a lot of replay value.

Drinking Fluxx

Like all the other Fluxxes, the rules constantly change throughout the game so you need to be on your toes to adapt. This one has a drinking theme, but you don’t have to drink to play. The cards are spill proof if you do imbibe while you play, but please do so responsibly.

Why I’m excited: A few years ago, I got to play the prototype and was told that they were never going to print it. But Fluxx turned 21 so it’s only right that it be allowed to drink with the grown ups.

Rising Sun

You are leading your clan to take control of Japan through whatever means necessary: political maneuvering, alliances, and war. Think Diplomacy in Japan. You are free to make deals with the other players and break them as it suits you. Just beware that breaking promises has it’s own consequences.

Why I’m excited: This game is gorgeous and, if you haven’t figured out by most of my picks, I’m all about table talk and negotiating. Plus I love feudal Japan in my games.

Which leads me to my top pick.

Legend of the 5 Rings: The Card Game

You are a leader of one of the clans in Rokugan, where honor is stronger than steel. Build your deck to lead your clan in conflicts against another clan to decide the fate of the empire. Fight with honor or use underhanded tactics to lead your clan to victory.

Why I’m excited: Let me get my fangirl squeeing out of the way. I played L5R back when it was a collectible card game and I loved it, except for the not knowing what you’re getting in a booster pack. I’m super happy that it’s getting the living card game treatment and can’t wait to see how the new mechanics fix some of the problems the old version had.

We did some coverage in the past on this game, and to say it’s highly anticipated seems like an understatement.

Those are my top five games that are coming out or demoing at Gen Con. Keep watch here as we’ll have impressions, reviews, and news throughout the event.

What’s the top of your list board games coming out? Let me know in the comments below!

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