New 3D Printing Pen Allows You to Create Edible Candy Art

When I was a kid, I was just excited they made pens that allowed me to write in glitter or in silver ink. But kids these days have pens that write actual stuff you can eat. Via Foodbeast, we’ve just discovered that Polaroid has taken the concept of 3D printing to a whole new level, with a pen that prints actual edible candy. You can check out the 3D candy pen in action in a demonstration video right here.

Yes, this means that kids can now draw something and then literally eat it. Here we thought we were cool when our childhood art made it to the refrigerator door. Polaroid’s Candy Play 3D Pen arrives with six colors and six different flavors (strawberry, orange, apple, grape, lemon, and cola). The candy is sugar free and vegan-friendly, which we’re sure is going to make a lot of parents very happy. The Candy Play 3D Pen also comes with  four free strawberry candy cartridges. So we sure hope that’s your favorite flavor.

Polaroid's 3D candy making pen allows you to create art you can eat.


Even for young kids, this pen is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, and wait for an LED to let you know that the heating mechanism is warm enough to start making candy. And then you press the button and the candy comes right out. That’s all it takes! What happens next is entirely up to the imagination of the artist. Although if one doesn’t feel like “drawing outside the lines” at first, Polaroid has several handy traceable stencils that are available for download on their site. Mainly so new users can get a better handle on how to use the pen. At $50 a pop, that’s not too bad of a price. You can order yours now via the Polaroid website.

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