German Hotel’s Optical Illusion Carpets Are Nausea-Inducing

A few years ago, a memorizing and very chaotic image popped up on the subreddit Interesting As F***. Given that this is Reddit we’re speaking of, this picture could have been anything. But it’s just an image of a hotel hallway carpet. But this is no beige, sterile carpet. Rather, it’s a black carpet with a purple-lined 3D pattern. (A year prior, it appeared on the subreddit Mildly Interesting. It seems like we can all agree, this is one interesting image.) The post featured a simple message, “Hotel in Germany uses 3D carpets to prevent guests from running in the Passage.” But here’s the thing, I did some digging and I found the German Hotel. And this optical illusion pattern is everywhere

The chaotic carpets are courtesy of the Euronova Arthotel in Cologne, Germany. But while Reddit surmised it was a classic solution to the oft-broken “ no running in the hall” rule, it doesn’t seem to be the case here. This funky rug not only graces the hall, it also appears in the hotel rooms and conference rooms. The purple pattern in the original image replicates throughout the hotel’s rooms. But Euronova Arthotel really shakes things up with the conference rooms, adding in a sweet golden yellow. 

The yellow 3D carpet in Euronova Arthotel
Euronova Arthotel
German Hotel's 3D Carpets Are a Nausea-Inducing Decor Masterpiece_1

Obviously, this hotel is going for a vibe that suggests it’s not your average Holiday Inn or Marriott. Still, the carpeting reminds me of one of those space and time warp models on a grid. So it does seem like a tiny bit of a missed opportunity to not make it a planetarium themed. Or, of course, Zenon themed. At the very least, stumbling through a hotel with this run would certainly evoke the motion sickness of blasting into outer space.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to experience Euronova Arthotel’s optical illusion rugs. According to Google, the site is permanently closed. The hotel site is still up and running, but you’d be hard pressed to find an open room. Still, that leaves a whole lot of room to check out the snazzy decor, including this utter befuddling lounge area. 

A pink room at the Euronova Arthotel in Cologne, Germany.
Euronova Arthotel

What exactly is this room? And how does it fit into the overall funky 3D rug theme? Luckily, we imagine Euronova Arthotel isn’t the only place with those kinds of chaotic 3D rugs. Still, travel down the hall at your own risk. One thing’s for sure, we’re keeping the otters far away.

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