3D Animated Remake Captures The Magic Of The Original POKÉMON Intro

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It’s been nearly two decades since the Pokémon animated series debuted in the United States; which helped the video game franchise become an even bigger hit. And it’s almost impossible to look back on that show and not recall the famous Pokémon theme song by Jason Paige that opened every episode of the original series. The entire Pokémon opening sequence is a classic, and now, it’s been given a 3D upgrade!

WWG has shared the newly recreated Pokémon opening sequence; which lines up almost perfectly with the opening from the TV series. That includes the brief cameos by Mew and Mewtwo in outer space in addition to every single pose made by Ash in the original. There are some minor discrepancies between the two, but QuickDrawCreate’s opening is about as close as anyone can get outside of professional circles. There’s something about the 3D Pokémon in this clip that seem almost Disney-esque. And to show off their devotion to this recreation, QuickDrawCreate also released a side-by-side video comparison of their take on the Pokémon opening and the version from the TV series.

The QuickDrawCreate YouTube channel was created in part to offer tutorials on how to draw characters from Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and especially from Pokémon. As you might expect, this video wasn’t their first crack at Pikachu and his pocket monster pals. Prior to this release, QuickDrawCreate created a few other Pokémon videos, including this playful release that finds Pikachu at the Lake of Rage, where he was soon joined by Gyarados, Diglett, Oddish and Metapod.

Another popular video on the channel features a sped up version of Pikachu going from 2D to 3D thanks to the help of animation software known as Maya.

What did you think about these attempts to animate Pikachu and the other Pokémon characters to 3D? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below!

Image Credits:  QuickDrawCreate

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