A 35-Foot Inflatable Michael Myers Can Be Yours This Halloween

We’ve become accustomed to seeing giant inflatable characters in front of people’s homes during the Holiday season. Every suburban street has a Santa Claus or a Frosty the Snowman in inflatable form these days. Well, thanks to one enthusiastic balloon fan, he’s bringing that tradition to the Spooky Season, and he’s making it super-sized. And yes, the big creepy balloon man for the season is none other than Halloween’s Michael Myers.

35 foot Michael Myers from Etsy seller jkantiques.

New Jersey resident Kevin Malinski has created this 35-foot-tall Michael Myers to loom over his home this October. We imagine folks can see him from blocks away. Malinski is already somewhat famous for his Christmas balloon people, even appearing on local news. And if you want a giant Michael Myers of your own, you can even buy one from his Etsy shop for a mere $2,995.00.

Custom giant inflatable balloon creator Kevin Malinski with 35 foot Michael Myers.

The gigantic inflatable figure is pretty accurate to “ The Shape” from John Carpenter’s classic film. He’s got the infamous “William Shatner mask spray painted white” on, the blue mechanics suit, and the trusty butcher knife for hunting Laurie Strode with. You can just hear Carpenter’s iconic Halloween theme playing just looking at the big guy. At this size, he’s not silently sneaking up on anyone though.

A 35 foot inflatable Michael Myers from Halloween.

Although most of Malinski’s other giant balloon people are Christmas related, like the Grinch, he currently does have one more horror-related balloon man for sale. In his Etsy shop he’s got a Jason Voorhees who stands 32 feet tall. Does this make the Friday the 13th slasher canonically shorter than Michael Myers? Well, Michael did come first. Maybe he deserves to be taller. Hopefully, Malinski continues his series, and we get Freddy, Ghostface, and maybe Chucky and Billy the Puppet too. Those last two have an excuse to be smaller though. For more, check out the jkantiques Etsy shop.

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