HBO Developing 3 More Possible GAME OF THRONES Spinoffs

Iron Islanders sure do understand how television works. “What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger.” A new report says that HBO is currently developing three additional spinoff possibilities for Game of Thrones. And these appear to be entirely new concepts, unrelated to the many that have already been—and are still being—considered by the network.

According to Deadline, HBO is working on three more Game of Thrones projects. They are not connected to the five spinoff ideas HBO originally considered. They are also independent of recent concepts reportedly under consideration, like the Tales of Dunk and Egg series. The three new concepts include 9 Voyages (a.k.a. Sea Snake), Flea Bottom, and 10,000 Ships. The first, Sea Snake, seems to be the furthest along in the developmental process. Deadline says it already has a creative team, which includes Bruno Heller (Rome, Gotham). No writers are attached to the other two yet.

Euron Greyjoy looks out from his boat on Game of Thrones.HBO

Sea Snake would follow the many adventures of Westeros’ most legendary seafarer, Corlys Velaryon. The famed hero lived one of the most extraordinary lives of anyone who ever called the Seven Kingdoms home. That includes both afar and in Westeros. The show would follow his many journeys to every corner of the world, bringing him to places the original series never touched. That includes arguably the most mysterious place in all of George R.R. Marin’s fantasy world, Asshai.

No surprise we’re big fans of this idea. It’s similar to two concepts we suggested way back in 2017, when HBO first acknowledged the possibility of spinoffs. Not only would it open up the world across the Narrow Sea, it would explore stories very different than those of the original series. It would also complement the upcoming prequel series House of the Dragon. An older Corlys Velaryon was a major figure in the Dance of the Dragons. His later life at home was just as noteworthy as were his younger years abroad.

As for the other two projects, Flea Bottom would follow the lives of the poorest citizens in King’s Landing’s most notorious district. The original home of Davos Seaworth, it was seen throughout Game of Thrones. Gendry returned there to hide in plain sight, and Arya had to survive in its narrow streets before she left the city.

Davos and Gendry getting back into a row boat near the shore on Game of ThronesHBO

10,000 Ships would explore the legendary story of Princess Nymeria. (Not Oberyn’s paramour.) She led her people of the Rhoynar out of Essos after the Valyrian Freehold conquered the region, 700 years before Aegon’s Conquest of Westeros. Her long and dangerous three-year path to find a new home ultimately led her to Dorne. Once there she burned all the ships, married Lord Martell of Sunspear, and fought to rule the kingdom. She was successful, which is why the Dornish, unlike the other six kingdoms of Westeros, have royal titles like Prince and Princess. Nymeria was also a hero of Arya Stark.

Like Corlys’ adventures, 10,000 Ships would open up Martin’s massive world. But on a smaller scale. Nymeria didn’t travel as far for nearly as long. But all three shows are a world away from becoming a series. Most Game of Thrones spinoffs HBO has developed have never become anything more than an idea. But like winter, more shows are coming. And even if these projects don’t happen now, they could always be revived in the future. In Westeros, what is dead may never die.

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