5 Unique Planners to Make 2019 Your Most Organized Year Yet

The New Year is under way, as are all the pressures that come with that sort of thing. It’s easy, in the throes of post-holiday catchup, to become totally overwhelmed with projects, both personal and professional. But one good thing about this time of year is its unique clean-slate feeling. We may be busy, yes, but we’re also moving forward with new aspirations and intentions about how to be more structured, reliable, and organized. And one way to stay on top of things is to keep a daily planner!But planners can be a big investment with not a lot of returns. I can’t tell you how many I’ve bought and then quickly abandoned out of laziness, or lost. So for 2019, I’ve sought out five unique planners that are more specific to your individual daily needs and that come in different formats and structures. Here’s hoping these colorful, inspiring planners can help keep us on track this year!

BestSelf Self Journal

This acclaimed planning journal is divided into three sections—daily, weekly, monthly—each one tailored to keeping you goal-oriented. There are sections to write about larger aspirations, as well as daily gratitude check-ins. According to the website, the Self Journal “bridges the gap between idea and implementation” and is a favorite among entrepreneurs.Buy it here for $31.99

Sam Osborne Minimalist Wall Planner

Sometimes it really helps to stay on target when your objectives are literally looming over you. That’s the idea behind this 2019 daily wall planner, which has a crisp, minimalist design that lets you put your largest assignments in writing above your desk. Though not as involved as the other planners on this list, it’s an alternative way to stay alert about the major events on the horizon.Buy it here for $13.20

CEO of My Own Life Daily Planner

This is the priciest planner on this list, but for good reason: It’s extremely detailed, with a number of different sections that let you focus on individual areas of your life. Not just work or family events, but goal planning on both macro and micro levels, hourly daily organization, inspirational quotes, habit trackers, health and fitness, and more. It’s the planner for people who need every aspect of their life put on page for maximum orientation.Buy it here for $52.79

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner

Erin Condren’s journals are a bit more traditional, in that they offer up calendar views and daily notes. But her deluxe planner comes in a variety of beautiful designs, with a focus on bold colors and text. They also come with organizational stickers, and a section to write out motivations and dreams.Buy it here for $38

The Happiness Planner

This one is also on the expensive side, but again for good reason. The Happiness Planner, like the others on this list, has space to write out daily assignments, but also focuses on prompts and the larger picture. It’s full of motivational quotes, monthly check-ins, and dot grid pages for bullet journaling. It also comes with pull-out quote cards, reflection printables, pens and clips, and is available in a number of different colors and designs.Buy it here for $46

Images: BestSelf, Sam Osborne, EllaIconic, Erin Condren, The Happiness Planner 

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