13 Creepy Treats to Make Your Halloween Party Extra Spooky

It’s finally October and that means we can pull out all the stops to celebrate Nerdoween! Halloween brings out the best in creativity when it comes to food and the spoopiest holiday of the year deserves to be celebrated with over-the-top treats. From sweet to sickening, check out 13 of our favorite weirdly wonderful treats to help take your Halloween party to the next level.

Sushi Brain

Leave it to Food Network to come up with a creative way to display raw fish. I suppose the real scare is the possibility of leaving this on your buffet table for too long.

It Pennywise Lunch

Which is more frightening: being served an edible Pennywise face or the fact that you’re only eating carbs? This crazy It themed lunch is hard to stomach, and I can only imagine he’s trying to eat you from the inside.

Realistic Gummy Ears

From the same genius who created the Pennywise lunch, these bloody gummy ears are incredibly realistic. A plate of these on your table is sure to freak out your guests.

Pizza Skulls

These little breads look like spooky skulls, but when you cut them open and find out that the oozing blood is actually pizza—you’ll feel nothing but pure joy.

Human Heart Cake

I’m shocked at the realism of this cake. Hand sculpted and painted, the added fat and veins makes this cake looks like it’s been lifted straight off the set of iZombie.

Death By Chocolate Cake

Who wants a slice of cake?!? Get the full recipe on my blog under “Death by Chocolate!”

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Ok, talk about realism–this cake is beyond frightening. Made with a blend of cocoa powder and espresso powder, the base of the cake is delicious as you get get—it’s the decor that will scare the daylights out of you. Dyeing chocolate syrup with red food gel dye is what gives this insanely realistic skull its bloody look.

Alien Cake

Stay with me here, what if all alien autopsies revealed that the outer space creatures are actually made entirely of cake? If so, I’m all in.

Spider Surprise Cake

Surprise cakes are all the rage. You never know what hot molten liquid will reveal when poured over a chocolate dome. In this case it’s deliciously horrific. Watch the video to see the nightmare unfold.

Stranger Things Cake

Stranger Things season 2 will debut just in time for All Hallow’s Eve and this cake is a stunning tribute to the Netflix hit. With a nod to both the real world and the Upside Down, the cake is a running edible story of the show. There are even tiny decorative waffles should Eleven show up to your party.

Buried Alive Bundt Cake

We are in peak zombie times and what better love letter to the undead than a traditional bundt cake. This Buried Alive Bundt by the Food Librarian is just crushed cookies that are used to create edible dirt, while doll arms provide the spookiness of the poor, poor, zombies who were buried alive. This would make a great centerpiece for a deadly dessert table.

Eyeball Panna Cotta

Is it just me or do you feel like you’re being watched when you’re eating? It’s true, these eyeballs look all too real, thanks to a kiwi iris and a raisin pupil, all sitting on a bed of jiggly eyeball panna cotta. Positively creepy. Head to Instructables to find out how to make your own.

Dumpling Brains

I’m mad at this recipe because I eat these regularly and now I’ll never be able to look at them the same way again. Delish created pork dumplings sauced with a blood-like chili sauce are an amazing stand in for wrinkly brains. Serving them up in a lab beaker only heightens the horror.

Creepy Cookies

Christine McConnell is famous for her frightfully delicious delicacies and here she once again lends her artistic hand to create these over the top spooktacular cookies.

Featured image: Food Librarian

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