Young King

Just in time for Black Panther’s release in theaters this month, Nerdist Presents drops this Marvel music video take on Jaden Smith’s “Icon” swapping out Hollywood royalty turned rap star Jaden for the King of Wakanda. Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Check out more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook: in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab CAST: Jared Nathan as Black Panther Instagram : @jay.nate John Nania as Thug 1 Trevor Logan as Thug 2 Dan Kleba as Thug 3 Vocals by Gerald Grissette and Ciara Renee Instagram: @geraldgrissette Music Producer & Additional Vocals Freddy Scott Suit by Wakandan Props in new tab Helmet by Reevz FX https://www.reevzfx.comOpens in new tab CREW: Directed by Andrew Bowser Produced by Jason Nguyen Lyrics by Andrew Bowser, Erik Kozura, Jason Nguyen, Aliza Pearl, Joey Clift, and Freddy Scott Edited by Andrew Bowser VFX Artists Ethan Chancer Tim Herrold VFX Supervisor Matt Caron Director of Photography Connor Heck Steadicam Operator Chris Loh 1st AC Sebastien Thibeau Wardrobe Stylist Cherokee Neas Associate Producer Erik Kozura PA Dan Kleba Stunt Coordinator John Nania Stunt Performer Trevor Logan Park Monitors Erin Giambalvo, Lesley Garcia, Theodore White, and Martin Arevalo Fire Safety Officer Herbert Reddick LAPD Officer Jeff Smith Thank you to the Parks Film Office and FilmLA Shot at the Griffith Park Helipad “YOUNG KING” LYRICS WHAT YOU CALL A YOUNG KING LIVIN’? T’CHALLA OF WAKANDA OFF GRID NO VISITS! TOOK DOWN BUCKY 5 MINUTES VIBRANIUM IS THE BUSINESS! ‘BOUT TO MAKE A MOVIE INDEPENDENT GOT A NEW SUIT IT’S KINETIC I DON’T NEED ASSISTANCE FROM THE VISION IT’S TIME FOR MY OWN SOLO MISSION I’M ABOUT TO TEACH ‘EM THE TRADITION PANTHER GONNA CLAW ‘EM TO SUBMISSION I’M ABOUT TO DO IT WAY DIFFERENT! I AM JUST A YOUNG KING LIVIN’ I AM JUST A YOUNG KING LIVIN’ LIVIN’ YOUN-YOUN-YOUN KING LIVIN’ I AM JUST A YOUNG KING LIVIN’ LIVIN’ I AM JUST A YOUN-YOUN-YOUN KING I AM A PROTECTOR YOU’RE A MENACE THAT’S WHY I GOTTA FIGHT LIKE AN AVENGER COMIN’ AT THE KING I’LL PUT YOU IN A STRETCHER I AM HERE AND I’M STILL FLEXING I AM JUST A YOUNG KING LIVIN’ T’CHALLA OF WAKANDA OFF GRID NO LIMITS CAT SCRATCH CAP’S SHIELD 5 MINUTES KLAUE IS SO UP IN MY BUSINESS! LAST WAR WAS BEFORE THE ACCORDS THO NOW I GOTTA FIGHT FOR MY TURF SO ME AND SHURI DIPPIN’ IN THE WHIP SO WHAT HOLOGRAPHIC RIDE ON TOUR SO WHAT UH, MAN JAGUAR COMIN’ FOR MY THRONE SO WHAT GET THAT PURPLE CARPET WHEN MY CREW SHOW UP! SHOW ‘EM WHAT WE ‘BOUT MAKE THE WORLD GO NUTS! WHAT? LOOK I AM THE WAKANDAN IDOL BLACK SUIT AND I FIGHT SO PRIMAL CAT EYES BAD GUYS GO BYE SO (BYE BYE) DON’T. HATE. AM I GONNA LIVE UP TO THE HYPE THO? LOOKIN’ LIKE THE TICKET SALES SAY SO I BROKE THE MOLD WITH MY EYES CLOSED THANOS IS GONNA START A WAR SO YOUNG KING BATTLE WHEN MY SUIT GLOW ME AND KOY HITTIN’ EM WITH FORCE SO WHAT THE DORA MILAJE BUSTIN DOORS SO WHAT SON OF T’CHAKA AND MORE SO WHAT K-MONG COMIN’ FOR MY CROWN SO WHAT I AM ROYALTY TO THE CORE SO WHAT YOUR GONNA WATCH ME BLOW UP I AM JUST A YOUNG KING LIVING T’CHALLA OF WAKANDA OFF GRID NO VISITS TOOK OUT BUCKY 5 MINUTES VIBRANIUM IS THE BUSINESS!