Wirecutter, Sweethome, Video Game Shadow Box, and Clay-O-Rama!

Marisha goes to space and explores the new Signal Boost! set, while boosting Wirecutter & Sweethome, Video Game Shadow Box, and Clay-o-Rama. Featuring Faux-licia! The Wirecutter/The Sweethome (http://thesweethome.com/)Opens in new tab (http://thewirecutter.com)Opens in new tab Videogame Shadowbox on Etsy (http://www.videogameshadowbox.com/)Opens in new tab Clayrama Game PDF: http://www.portcommodore.com/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=larry:gaming:clayorama.pdfOpens in new tab Signal Boost! is our weekly love letter to all fandoms. Come see what wonderful, crazy stuff is out there and connect with a community of fans who knows what it’s like to like the wonderful, crazy, and unknown. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.comOpens in new tab Play with us on http://twitch.tv/geekandsundryOpens in new tab Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jlOpens in new tab Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/communityOpens in new tab Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundryOpens in new tab Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundryOpens in new tab Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundryOpens in new tab