Why Amazon’s LORD OF THE RINGS Costs $465 Million for One Season (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Turns out the One Ring is even more valuable we thought! Amazon Prime Video's highly anticipated Lord of the Rings series will have a price tag of nearly half a billion dollars, according to reports--and that's just for one season. But why exactly is this ambitious production shaping up to be the most expensive TV show ever made? Dan’s here to break down all the details on today’s episode of Nerdist News! Everything we know about Amazon's Lord of the Rings series: https://bit.ly/2LHTHmhOpens in new tab Elijah Wood thinks the Lord of the Ring series needs a new name: https://bit.ly/3dnVjNWOpens in new tab Sauron's history in Middle-earth explained: https://bit.ly/2RkwBFnOpens in new tab