Nerdist Presents

When Your Coworkers Are Obsessed With Porgs!

The Nerdist office is experiencing an invasion of the Porg People in the latest Nerdist Presents! Nerdist employee Bowser is disturbed by his co-workers’ obsession with Porgs—and adoration for the puffin-like Star Wars creatures is spreading fast. Will Bowser fall prey to the power of Porg-Love?

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Andrew Bowser as Himself
Jessica Chobot as Herself
Dan Casey as Himself
Kyle Hill as Himself
Jason Nguyen as Himself
Rachel Heine as Herself
Aliza Pearl as Herself
Brendon Schulze as Himself
Alicia Lutes as Herself
Matt Caron as Himself
Erik Kozura as New Employee


Directed and Produced by Jason Nguyen
Written by Andrew Bowser & Joan Ford
Edited by Matt Caron
Executive Producer Jason K. Corey
Executive Producer Andy Shapiro

DP Connor Heck
1st AC Sean Goode
Key HMU Cici Andersen
Prop Master Mitch Thompson
Production Sound Jon Odate
Production Manager Erik Kozura
VFX Artist Charles Shattuck