When Your Co-Worker Gets Back from Wakanda

You know that co-worker who spends a week abroad and comes back as an expert? Aliza comes back from her vacation to Wakanda and has a lot to share with the rest of the office in this new Team Nerdist! Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Check out more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook: in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab CAST: Aliza Pearl as Herself Rachel Heine as Herself Damion Poitier as Himself Hector Navarro as Himself Kyle Hill as Himself Jason Nguyen as Himself Dan Casey as Himself CREW: Directed and Produced by Jason Nguyen Written by Aliza Pearl Edited by Matt Caron VFX by Charles Shattuck Associate Producer Erik Kozura Dir. of Photography Sean Goode Cam Op/Swing Natalie Abraham Production Sound Jon Odate Key Wardrobe Rae Esterlina Set Photography Josh Thomas PA Jose Sosa