Tron 3 Updates: Jared Leto & New Director (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Tron 3 is apparently happening after all! New reports confirmed by Nerdist say the long-awaited sequel to Tron: Legacy has tapped Jared Leto to star and Oscar-nominated director Garth Davis to helm the project. What does this mean for the Grid? Should we be doing victory donuts on our lightcycles in the digital parking lot? Not so fast. Join Dan Casey on today’s Nerdist News to find out what’s really happening at Flynn’s Arcade. Want even more pop culture goodness? Head to Christopher Eccleston is returning to Doctor Who: in new tab Unsolved Mysteries meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit in this Nerdist Remix: in new tab Paramount is working on three—count ‘em—three Star Trek movies: in new tab