Nerdist Presents

The Predator VS Team Nerdist

Holiday parties can be a BORE but Team Nerdist’s NEVER are. This year a very special party crasher pays them a visit and causes absolute mayhem. How will Team Nerdist fare against THE PREDATOR? Watch the newest Team Nerdist to find out!

Thanks to The Predator for partnering with us on this video. Get The Predator on digital today: in new tab

Written & Directed by Andrew Bowser

Jessica Chobot as Herself
Dan Casey as Himself
Aliza Pearl as Herself
Becca Scott as Herself
Andrew Bowser as Himself
Brian Macdonald as The Predator
Peter Gilroy as DJ Kringle
Ryan Stanger as Army Badass 1
Andre Gower as Army Badass 2
Ryan Lambert as Army Badass 3
Juan Restrepo as Nerdist Employee
Thea Rodgers as Nerdist Employee
Arielle Simonee as Nerdist Employee
Blake Rosier as Nerdist Employee
Jasmine Sims as Nerdist Employee
Firas Catler as Stunt Double
Omar Dekard as Stunt Double

Produced by Brent Lydic
Edited by Matt Caron
VFX Artist Paul DeSilvia
Colorist Andy Inglat

Director of Photography Chris Westlund
1st AC James Vargo
2nd AC Jamie Margolin
Steadi Cam Op Chris Loh
DIT Jared White
Audio Mixer Josh Bissett

Gaffer Kazmo Kida
BB Electric Caleb Morrison
Key Grip Josh Bell
BB Grip Gage Brown

Production Designer Mark Helmuth
Set Decorator Liz Pearlman
Lead Man Steven Smyka

Lead HMU Cici Andersen
HMU Assistant Fernanda Machado
SFX Make-Up Cig Neutron
Wardrobe Stylist Christina Bushner
Wardrobe Assistant Morgan Thompson

Stunts Coordinator Omid Zader
Set Medic Chase Matthews
Set Photography Josh Thomas

Associate Producer Kirby Winslow
UPM Brendan Kennedy
Key PA Andy Wright
PA Irene O’Connell