The Avengers: Endgame Timeline Explained (Spoilers) - Nerdist

The Avengers: Endgame Timeline Explained (Spoilers)

We're in the Endgame now, so if you have not seen Marvel's latest Avengers adventure beware this video contains MAJOR SPOILERS. However, if you've already seen the epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga, you probably have a few questions as to how exactly the Avengers plan worked out. Thankfully Kyle has assembled his own science gauntlet and is here to break it all down on this week's super sized episode of Because Science! Learn More: THE PHYSICS OF TIME DILATION: SPACETIME PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM: TIPLER CYLINDER: SOLUTION TO THE GRANDFATHER PARADOX: RULES FOR TIME TRAVELERS: TIME TRAVEL IN PHYSICS: SELF-CONSISTENCY PRINCIPLE: SPACETIME TWIN PARADOX: SPACETIME INTERVAL: TIME DILATION FOR VELOCITY IN MINKOWSKI DIAGRAM: