SUPERMAN: Terrible Twos

Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab If you thought your toddler's terrible twos were bad, then you have no idea what's in store for Ma and Pa Kent when their little Kryptonian Clark Kent starts growing up. Meet him now before Superman. Featuring Matt Hobby and Jessica Chobot. Check out more from PERIODS. Films: in new tab Written and directed by Victor Quinaz, and produced by Victor Quinaz, Philip Quinaz and PERIODS. Films. Watch "Batman's Parents Aren't Dead": in new tab Watch Superhero Talent Agency: in new tab Watch Walking Dead S.4 Alt Ending: in new tab Watch The Lady Killers: in new tab Watch All About That Base: in new tab Watch The Gobble Games: in new tab Follow Nerdist on Twitter: in new tab Check out http://www.nerdist20.wpengine.comOpens in new tab