Star Trek: Five Year Mission

When Wil Wheaton was a boy he loved Star Wars and Star Trek. As a child, he pretended to fly around in space on the Enterprise… and now he’s an adult who pretends to fly around in space on the Enterprise. Join Wil as he sits down with Jessica Chobot, Jaime King, and Jesse Cox on board the bridge of the Enterprise to play a game of Star Trek: Five Year Mission! The four of them will take on roles from the original Star Trek series and work together to return home from their five-year mission. Need more TableTop in your life? Get yourself a TableTop mug, to put on your own table top! Shop now: in new tab TableTop Season 4 Playlist: in new tab Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: in new tab Join our community at: in new tab Twitter: in new tab Facebook: in new tab Instagram: in new tab Google+: in new tab