Spider-Man: No Way Home Easter Eggs, Hidden Details, and Things You Missed (Nerdist News)

Spider-Man has swung his way back into theaters and delivered an incredible adventure that truly lived up to the hype. Filled with villains, shocking surprises, and plenty of implications for the future of the MCU and Sony, No Way Home is a massive hit for fans across the multiverse. Dan grabs his sling ring and takes a trip through the Mirror Dimension to break down all the easter eggs, hidden details, and everything you might have missed on today’s episode of Nerdist News! What Spider-Man: No Way Home means for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ironheart: https://bit.ly/3sjpEohOpens in new tab Spider-Man: No Way Home's ending and mid-credits scene explained: https://bit.ly/3J93pHGOpens in new tab How Spider-Man: No Way Home sets up Miles Morales: https://bit.ly/3miXtlGOpens in new tab