Nerdist Presents

Spider-Man: Into the Multiverse (Nerdist Remix)

The power of the Infinity Gauntlet has torn a hole into the fabric of reality and as a result… a door to the Multiverse has opened and Spider-Man finds himself at the epicenter! But which Spider-Man? In an ode to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this new Nerdist Remix will take all of the live-action versions of Spider-Man across different eras and put them all in the same dimension working towards the same goal… To be your friendly neighborhood, web slinging badass.

Will these webheads be able to join forces or will they just spend the entire time trying to out quip each other? Swing into the Multiverse to find out!


Produced by Jason Nguyen & Erik Kozura
Edited by Matt Caron
Production Coordinator Katy Hampton
Thumbnails by Ken Nguyen