Power Privilege – Marvel & DC Parody (Nerdist Toy Shelf)

Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, and others on the shelf try to decide if superpowers make you super privileged in this episode of Nerdist Toy Shelf! Director : Andrew Bowser Producer: Jason Nguyen Prod. Coordinator: Erik Kozura Written by : Joan Ford Director of Photography : Russell Bell Prop Master : Adam Nungester Editor/Animator: Tim Herrold Cast Superman : Dan Casey Iron Man : Nick Corirossi Batman : Ryan Stanger Captain America : Matt Cordova Wonder Woman : Jessica Chobot Catwoman : Gina Williamson Harley Quinn : Mary Neely Doctor Doom : Andrew Bowser Lex Luthor : Mike Shaw Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Check out more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook: in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab