Pinhead Meets Onyx: On the Couch

Join everyone’s favorite SLAYER OF THE BRIGHT REALM as he interviews the Cenobite leader - PINHEAD! In the second episode of Nerdist's new animated series ON THE COUCH WITH ONYX, will Onyx become friends with his demonic idol? Or will Pinhead teach him the true meaning of pain? Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Check out more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook: in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab CREDITS: Created By: Chris Raimo And Andrew Bowser Written By: Andrew Bowser Produced & Animated By: Tim Herrold Character Designs: Chris Raimo Additional Designs & Animation: Caleb Drewel Starring Andrew Bowser as Onyx the Fortuitous Jason Nguyen as Pinhead Julie Brister as Nancy