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New Years Resolution Psychology!

SURPRISE BECAUSE SCIENCE CHANNEL! Subscribe now and click the shiny notifications bell so you don’t miss out on all things science and pop culture. Subscribe for more Because Science: Watch the last episode: 77% of people manage to keep their New Years Resolutions after a week, yet only 19% made it to two years. But don’t despair, as science has ways to help us commit to our resolution as best we can! Find out how on Because Science with Kyle Hill. More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow Us: Because Science every Thursday. Theme music courtesy of Dr. Wylie Sources: (1972) SELF-INITIATED ATTEMPTS TO CHANGE BEHAVIOR: A STUDY OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS (1989) THE RESOLUTION SOLUTION: LONGITUDINAL EXAMINATION OF NEW YEAR’S CHANGE ATTEMPTS (2002) AULD LANG SYNE: SUCCESS PREDICTORS, CHANGE PROCESSES, AND SELF-REPORTED OUTCOMES OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLVERS AND NONRESOLVERS (2007) RICHARD WISEMAN’S NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS EXPERIMENT NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION POLLS