Millennial Falcon: Epic Selfie - Nerdist

Millennial Falcon: Epic Selfie

Making the jump to lightspeed is great for evading the Empire AND getting an epic selfie in this episode of Millennial Falcon! Next year Star Wars will introduce us to Young Han Solo, but Nerdist has beat them to the punch with Millennial Falcon. In this new web series Han, Leia and the rest of your favorite characters from the original trilogy are reimagined as social media obsessed millennials roaming the entire galaxy... in search of the perfect selfie spot. Each short form episode of Millennial Falcon will take a look at how a modern day topic would be treated in a galaxy far, far away. Can you have a hyperdrive and still suffer from FOMO? How do you handle generational conflicts when your dad is Darth Vader? And what do you do when your Wookie co-pilot has more Instagram followers than you? Find out when you tag along with the crew of the Millennial Falcon! Cast: Ben Papac as Han Olivia Norman as Leia Crew: Director: Andrew Bowser Producer: Jason Nguyen Writer: Joan Ford DP: Russell Bell Key MUA: Cici Anderson Wardrobe Stylist: Rae Esterlina Prop Master: Mitch Thompson Editors: Tim Herrold VFX: Rowan Glenn