Lord of the Rings Theory: What Does the Cult Want With the Stranger? (Nerdist News)

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is barreling toward its finale, but in the penultimate episode, we got more of the mystery surrounding the Stranger, and the strange white cloaked cultists chasing him. On today’s Nerdist News, Matt Caron breaks down episode 7, as well as shares theories about who these Grim Shadies might be and what they mean for Middle-earth. More Rings of Power News: in new tab Watch more Nerdist News: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab TikTok in new tab Image: Prime Video #NerdistNews #LOTR #TheRingsOfPower #LordoftheRings #Tolkien #PrimeVideo