Lando Gambino – A Star Wars Parody

In this tribute parody music video from Nerdist Presents, Lando Calrissian and Childish Gambino get the mashup treatment in what could be a musical interlude straight out of "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Check out more Nerdist Presents: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook: in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab CAST: Lando Calrissian Gerald Grissette Instagram: @geraldgrissette Droid Gordon Tarpley Blue Alien Shadia Elise Marauder Alien Bradley Stewart Robed Alien Michael McMaster Stormtoopers Rommie Carrillo and Deborah Carrillo Twi’lek 1 Jex Resheske Twi’lek 2 Kat Sheridan House Manager Jamie Avera Green Alien William Miyamoto Dancing Alien Nayeli Morales Bearded Man Jeffrey Carta Bounty Hunter 1 Josh Tessier Bounty Hunter 2 Christopher Troy Waiter Joe Perez CREW: Directed by Andrew Bowser Produced by Jason Nguyen Music Producer Freddy Scott Lyrics by Andrew Bowser, Jason Nguyen, Freddy Scott, and Erik Kozura Vocalists Gerald Grissette & Mia Jones Edited by Tim Herrold Colorist Andy Inglat Sound Design Jon Odate Associate Producer Erik Kozura Stunt Coordinator Josh Tessier Stunt Performer Christopher Troy Stunt Performer Joe Perez Dir. of Photography Connor Heck Steadicam Operator Chris Loh 1st AC Will Hetch 2nd AC Natalie Abraham Gaffer Kevin Cho BBE Chris Agbobu Key Grip Faisal Shah BBG Cooper Shine SFX MU Sidney Cumbie SFX MU Jackie Coon Key HMU Cici Andersen Key Wardrobe Rae Esterlina Production Designer Adam Nungester Art Assistant Lindsey Perry Specialty Wardrobe Casey Wong Set Photography Josh Thomas Production Coordinator Katy Hampton Key Set PA Forrest Brown PA Ben Papac PA Jordan Rockower PA Jon Odate Shot at Fat Eye Studios Lyrics "Freaks And Geeks" Parody They say that Lando is a mastermind gamble chips to pass the time Sex appeal, drop a dime, pay your debts, I’m spending mine The fleet a vicious crew, but beware the ship is stolen L3 put you in your place, now that’s perfect hibernation Yeah, Calreezy put in work, Ima boss smuggle something Yeah, this cape hella suits me, swag two button Yo these troopers actin crazy when they’re chasing down Han Always bettin in the club, and my heist game strong Yo this deal is a disaster, gettin’ worse all the time I got something up my sleeve, say the odds! I don’t mind And my mines make that dinero, so I’m gassin’ up the blasters Kessel runnin’ this ship, you are just Nerf Herder "3005" Parody In Carbonite I know they freezin you But all along, I knew I’d come for you With these other rebels, and Nien Nunb by my side Ima keep you alive, SOLO Hold up, wait a parsec, Milli mine just a week ago Han at my house and we gamble every weekend so Threw the golden dice, now it all went wrong Knocked the ship around, like I don’t know, like you won’t keep it long Now the grill is gone Not a system, You got that Skywalker? I don’t understand you, girl why you Chewbacca? Dropping bars in my caperoom, while you choking like Jabba So high up in cloud city, with my X-8 Night Sniper Yeah, we slangin' that Sabbac, beastmode our fuel is so hyper If you don't got a good feeling then let the liars be fighters Solo (Lando) [x8] "Redbone Parody It's Lando! He's a scoundrel A card player and a gambler It's Lando! He's a scoundrel Now he will tell you lies! It's Lando!