Kamen Rider – Now and Forever! – Nerdist House

Kamen Rider is one of Japan’s tentpole tokusatsu series, and it’s only just recently come to North America. But that hasn’t stopped fans in the west from devouring every bit of it. Nerdist House brought together members of Bluefin Brands’ official Team Kamen Rider (David Clarke, Steve Schutlze, Ken Pham, Anthony Aguirre), Ari Schonfeld from TokuSHOUTsu, Nicole Amber from Tokusatsu Network, and Toku Chris from Toku Nation to discuss all things Kamen Rider, how the show and merch are making their way to the States, and what we can expect next. Hosted by Nerdist’s Kyle Anderson. To donate and help raise funds for The Okra Project, click here: https://www.artsbusinesscollaborative.org/asp-products/the-okra-project-sponsored-project/Opens in new tab Before making a charitable donation, Legendary Digital Networks (LDN) encourages you to conduct your own independent review and investigation of the applicable charitable organization. LDN does not make any representations, warranties or assurances whatsoever regarding any charitable organization. LDN does not offer any legal or tax advice including, without limitation, any advice regarding the tax treatment of any donation. We encourage you to consult with your own tax advisors before making any donation. Nerdist House is our ongoing series of one-of-a-kind panels, movie screenings, and unique digital events to bring the comic convention experience to your living room. From reuniting the cast of "Hannibal" to the U.S. premiere screening of "Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever," Nerdist House is jam-packed with special events you won't want to miss! For the latest information, head to Nerdist.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.