Into Carnival Row: Exploring Carnival Row | Episode 1

Our first day on the Carnival Row is an exciting one as our host, Dan Casey, travels all the way to Prague to sit down with series creator Travis Beacham. Watch as we dive behind the scenes and find out a little more about the wonderful world of Carnival Row and the different fantastical creatures that inhabit it. Dan, along with Amy Vorpahl, Aliza Pearl, and Erika Ishii all get to become a part of the Row as Travis kicks off their journey into becoming characters from the show itself. Come with us as we take a trip Into the Carnival Row. Be sure to check out “Carnival Row”, the new series from Legendary TV and Amazon Video which releases this Labor Day Weekend! CREDITS CAST Dan Casey as Himself/Constable Tiberius Bottom Aliza Pearl as Herself/Mima Carmeline Brightraven Amy Vorpahl as Herself/Mabel Sullypond Erika Ishii as Herself/Moonshadow Foxglove CREW Executive Producers Sonia Borris, Maureen Murphy, Jason Corey, Johnny Wickham, Jason Nguyen Directed, Written, Produced by Jason Nguyen Produced by Erik Kozura Director of Photography John J. Moers 1st AD Frantisek “Frankie” Rezek Cam Op Martin Linhart Audio Mix Petr Stuchlík PA Martin Vejbora Edited by Adam Scherer Colorist Connor Heck Sound Mix Jon Odate Animation by Adam Murray Assistant Editors Lucas Bessey, Jeremy Backlar, & David Palmeri Thumbnails by Ken Nguyen Production Manager Katy Hampton Special Thanks to lovely team from “Carnival Row” including: Series Creator - Travis Beacham Showrunner - Marc Guggenheim Producers - Luděk Vomacka, Michael Wray, and Todd Lachniet Costume Designer – Joyce Schure Make-Up Designer– Enzo Mastantonio Key Make-Up Artist - Federico Carretti Hair Designer – Francesco Pegoretti MUFX Artist – Nick Dudman Key MUFX Artist - Sarah O’Brien MUFX Assistant - Georgia Brown Production Design – Jiri Matura And all of the wonderfully talented folks who welcomed us and made everything possible!