How Science Made Mewtwo

Since the beginning of the Pokemon phenomenon, the villain Mewtwo has stood out as a fan favorite. Easily one of the biggest reasons for his popularity is the mysterious origin of his creation. Unlike normal Pokemon, Mewtwo was created by scientists in an attempt to clone the legendary Mew, but is this sort of cloning science really possible? Kyle stocks up on Pokeballs and ventures into the tall grass in search of answers on this week's Because Science! Learn More: RECOMBINANT DNA: in new tab POKEMON MANSION JOURNALS: in new tab MEWTWO: in new tab MAKING RECOMBINANT DNA: in new tab ROLE OF RECOMBINANT DNA IMPROVING LIFE: in new tab MARE GIVES BIRTH TO OWN CLONE: in new tab SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER: in new tab A JOURNEY THROUGH HORSE CLONING: in new tab