How Proton Torpedoes Destroyed the Death Star - Nerdist

How Proton Torpedoes Destroyed the Death Star

Grab your new Because Science merch here: Star Wars' battle above Yavin 4 gave us the iconic defeat of the first Death Star, but how did the rebellion actually do it? Kyle stays on target on this week's Because Science! Subscribe for more Because Science: More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow us on FB: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow Nerdist: Because Science every Thursday. Artist: Andrew Bowser Learn more: • PROTON TORPEDO: • BRAGG PEAK: • PROTON THERAPY: • DEATH STAR OF MEDICINE: • THE MILITARY’S “PROTON TORPEDOES”: • DIRECTED ENERGY MISSILE DEFENSE IN SPACE: • RADIATION EFFECT ON SOLIDS: