How Does QUICKSILVER Listen to Music?

SURPRISE BECAUSE SCIENCE CHANNEL! Subscribe now and click the shiny notifications bell so you don’t miss out on all things science and pop culture. in new tab Subscribe for more Because Science: in new tab Watch the last episode: in new tab How does QUICKSILVER hear the music from his Walkman at its original speed despite his speeding up? Does he hear differently from the rest of us? Kyle explores on this week's Because Science. More Mad Max: in new tab More science: in new tab Watch more Because Science: in new tab Follow Kyle Hill: in new tab Follow Us: in new tab Because Science every Thursday. Artist: Andrew Bowser Learn more: • How Fast Was the Music Playing on Quicksilver's Walkman? in new tab • Supersonic Stereo in new tab • If You’re Moving Faster Than the Speed of Sound, Can You Hear Yourself Scream? in new tab