How Aquaman Swims at Supersonic Speed - Nerdist

How Aquaman Swims at Supersonic Speed

Aquaman has sped to the top of the box office, but what could his super aquatic speed be even more impressive? Kyle dives in on this week's Because Science! Grab your new Because Science merch here: Subscribe for more Because Science: More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow us on FB: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow Nerdist: Because Science every Thursday. Learn more: • DRAG AT HIGH VELOCITY: • AQUAMAN VELOCITY: • HUMAN DRAG COEFFICIENT GLIDING IN WATER: • WHALE CALORIES PER MOUTHFUL: • VA-111 SHKVAL: • MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMIC DRIVE: • SUPERCAVITATION: • SPEED LIMITS ON SWIMMING OF HUMANS AND CETACEANS: • TUNA CALORIES: • SWIMMING THE ATLANTIC: #becausescience #aquaman