Gag Reel! Day[9] vs. Ashley Clements - Nerdist

Gag Reel! Day[9] vs. Ashley Clements

Sean “Day[9]” Plott and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries actress Ashley Clements practice growing gills and get super motivated in this bonus episode of Spellslingers! Watch the full episode: Want to try out Magic: The Gathering’s new set? Prerelease events are happening July, 7 & 8, where you’ll get the first chance to play the new Core Set 2019! Head over to your local game stores to check it out, and make sure to ask if you can pre-register for the event! Take a look at the Core Set 2019 here: Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. Learn more about Magic: The Gathering here: Visit us on Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: Join our community at: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: