Doogie Howser MD Reboot

Subscribe for more Nerdist Presents: in new tab What would happen if they brought back Doogie Howser, M.D. for today’s TV audience, and gave it the gritty reboot treatment? Comedian and Nerdist Podcast co-host Jonah Ray and Nerdist News’ own Ben Mekler have the answer in the latest edition of Nerdist Presents. Doogie Howser, M.D.: Rebooted features good ol’ “Doog” (played this time by Cade Bond) once again as a prodigy, but very much a twenty-first century kid with a penchant for memes, selfies, social media, and sublime gross-out humor. The reboot also stars Bernstein Bayer, Juan Estevez Sheen, and Max Casella Jr. stepping into his father’s shoes as Doogie’s best friend and cohort Vinnie. Now, can we please get a crowdfunding campaign going to get this thing on the air?! Watch 100 Years of Beauty: in new tab Watch Bad Motivator: in new tab Watch Norman Bates' Mother's Day Tips: in new tab Watch Mad Max Power Wheels: in new tab Watch George R.R. Martin's Blank Page: in new tab Watch StarFox Official Movie Trailer: in new tab Watch Friends Rebooted: in new tab Watch Duo: in new tab Watch Batman's Parents Aren't Dead: in new tab Watch Superhero Talent Agency: in new tab Watch Walking Dead S.4 Alt Ending: in new tab Watch The Lady Killers: in new tab Watch All About That Base: in new tab Watch The Gobble Games: in new tab Follow Nerdist on Twitter: in new tab Check out http://www.nerdist20.wpengine.comOpens in new tab