Did Luke Skywalker Die from Drinking Bad Milk From a Thala-Siren? (Explainiac w/ Dan Casey)

Luke Skywalker was one of the greatest Jedi masters to ever live. His heroic death in The Last Jedi allowed the galaxy's heroes to escape from the sinister First Order. But was his death truly an act of self sacrifice - or a cruel act of nature? Join Dan Casey on a brand new episode of Explainiac as he explores the fan theory that Luke Skywalker actually died from drinking thala-siren milk in The Last Jedi. In a world filled with numbers, facts, films, TV shows, anime and more there's only so much one brain can handle. Dan Casey has dedicated his life to memorizing all the trivia, secrets, myths, and more to all things pop culture. For some things in life, there are things you can't explain. For everything else, there's Explainiac. Tune in to Explainiac every Thursday over on https://www.youtube.com/nerdistOpens in new tab and https://www.facebook.com/NerdistOpens in new tab to get your weekly dose of the truth. Follow Us: Facebook https://facebook.com/nerdistOpens in new tab Twitter https://twitter.com/NerdistOpens in new tab Instagram https://instagram.com/nerdist/Opens in new tab Nerdist News https://twitter.com/NerdistNewsOpens in new tab Dan Casey https://twitter.com/dancaseyOpens in new tab #Explainiac