Chernobyl’s Radioactive Lava is Still Hot

With the release of the highly acclaimed HBO mini-series, Chernobyl has once again caught the attention of the world. While the dramatization of the events portrayed on the show offered audiences a compelling narrative, there is still much more to understand about this disaster and its lasting impact. Kyle takes an in depth look at not only how the Chernobyl meltdown came to happen, but how its aftermath will continue to haunt us for centuries. Learn More: DR. ZOLLER’S ELEPHANT’S FOOT PHOTO: in new tab CORIUM: in new tab THE MOST FAMOUS PHOTO AT CHERNOBYL WAS A SELFIE”: in new tab INTRODUCTION TO THE DISASTER: in new tab THE RBMK REACTOR: in new tab VOID COEFFICIENT: in new tab THE CHERNOBYL ACCIDENT: in new tab CHERNOBYL’S DISASTER TIMELINE: in new tab